Daphne & Facebook

20 October 2010

Daphne & Facebook

After being separated from her family for four years and by thousands of miles, a Lhasa apso named Topaz is home again thanks to social networking. And they say Facebook is good for nothing but wasting time at work!

According to Time magazine, good Samaritan Diane Stess-Kirschner met Topaz when she found the dog wandering alone outside her home in Tamarac, Fla. "I felt something sniffing at my leg, and there was this dog," Stess-Kirschner told the Sacramento Bee. "She was a little grungy. She looked up as if to say, 'Can you help me?'" Upon taking the animal to the vet for a check-up, Stess-Kirschner discovered that Topaz was microchipped, and that the dog's owners were named Glen and Casaundra Greenfelder.

Attempts to find the Greenfelders by phone and search engine proved to be dead ends. It was only when she tried Facebook that Stess-Kirschner found some promising leads. She came up with two hits for Casaundra Greenfelder. Not knowing if either was the woman for which she was looking, she posted a comment about "a little blond dog" on both of their Facebook profiles.

Check out the full story: http://bit.ly/cjscll