Going Grrr-een w/ ur pup this Earth Day!

19 April 2011

Going Grrr-een w/ ur pup this Earth Day!

You may ask yourself..."How can I go Green w/ my pet?" Well we here to help! When thinking about "Going Green" people tend to think its either too expensive or time consuming, when in reality it REALLY isn't! You can help the environment in the most simplest ways!


1. Use Biodegradable Poop Bags:

When buried in landfills, ordinary plastic bags take decades to decompose. By choosing biodegradable bags to collect your dog’s waste, and depending on what landfill it ends up in, you reduce that time to mere months.
http://bit.ly/hxpvc2 (check back soon-For more choices on Bio-Poop Baggies!)

2. Feed Organic:

The lowest-impact diet for your pup is a homemade meal full of organic, locally grown ingredients. By using meats, grains and vegetables farmed in your community.

If you don’t want to cook your dog’s meals, you could supplement its kibble or canned diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. You can add organic vegetables, carrots and green beans,try fruits like blueberries and bananas, or organic yogurts. Mix in some steamed vegetables, organic chicken or salmon.”

If you feed your dog a commercially made diet, choose one that’s certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Pet foods that bear the USDA Organic seal are grown on chemical-free farmland, manufactured in facilities that avoid synthetic chemicals in their processing, and are inspected regularly to ensure separation of organic and non-organic materials (such as chemical fertilizer).

Check out Bark4Green's Food Page: http://bit.ly/hpFwP0


3. Choose toys made from sustainable or recycled materials:

Toy makers are designing toys made with sustainable materials, such as hemp, bamboo and phthalate-free rubber. (Phthalates are chemicals added to plastic and rubber toys to make them flexible and pliable.) They’re stuffed with reclaimed cotton and colored with all-natural vegetable dyes. They’re safer for the dogs and they’re healthier for the environment!

Check out all of Bark4Green's Toys-they are ALL ECO-FRIENDLY & MADE IN THE USA!  http://bit.ly/gZlDGk


4. Support “GREEN” Businesses:

When shopping for your dog or even yourself, patronize stores and purchase products from companies that do their part to reduce their carbon footprints. Ask the retailer if they recycle, how they conserve energy and find out if product makers use alternative power in their manufacturing processes or recycled cardboard in their packaging. If enough consumers demand it, the companies will deliver it -- and that can help our planet in the long run!


And Last but not least my favorite way (that is if you can)...

5. Adopt!!!

Do your part to reduce pet overpopulation: Consider adopting a rescue dog. Approximately six to eight million dogs need homes. These unwanted pets impact the environment by creating excess waste, which affects ground water and contributes to landfills, and requiring food and shelter, which requires energy-gulping manufacturing and electricity.


Check out Petfinder:  http://www.petfinder.com/index.html or Contact your local Humane Society!