'On The Go Dogs' @ Warp Speed:

11 June 2013

'On The Go Dogs' @ Warp Speed:

If you are a fan of Bark4Green, then you very well know that we are huuuuuge 'On The Go' Dog peeps, we love to see pics of our favorite four-legged pals accompanying their humans (you!) on car rides, because after all, they are our fur kids and we like to make sure they are part of our everyday lives (car-rides included!) Well, we came across Benjamin Grelle's aka thefrogman.me 'warped dogs' online & we are lovin' the images! You can see all sorts of cool doggy facial expressions in all his photoshopped images, including a cool chocolate lab GIF!

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The following images are via Benjamin Grella, thefrogman.me.

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