Best Dressed at the GG's...


And the best Dressed at the Golden Globes was...Uggie the Jack Russell Terrier! Like most of you we had our viewing party of the Golden Globes, we had so many of our faves win big Sunday night-including Uggie the dog from the movie the Artist. Not only did Uggie and his cast win for Best Picture- but he looked very dapper with his bow-tie when he walked the red carpet & showed off his star-quality! Uggie has a rags to riches story sadly he was rejected by his first two owners as being too wild, he was about to be sent to a dog pound, but was adopted by animal trainer Omar Von Muller after his friends told him about the dog. Initially Von Muller only intended to foster Uggie but later decided to keep him!

Next up for Uggie is the Oscars-Good Luck Uggie :)

Below is a clip of Uggie in the amazing movie "The Artist"