Kumbali & Kago

06 October 2015

Kumbali & Kago


Who said cats and dogs don't get along? Meet Kumbali the cheetah and his pal Kago, a yellow lab-mix. When Kumbali became separated from his mother, he was adopted by Metro Richmond Zoo in Virginia and introduced to one another and now they have an adorable bond, see for yourself :)




A tiny Chihuahua and her bubbles...

Our pups LOVE bubbles, so when we came across this video of Audrey the chihuahua chasing bubbles in slow motion, we just had to share! This tiny little lady is seen dashing through the floor chasing (what looks like to her) giant bubbles. 

Bob the Golden & his friends...

Bob the golden lives in Brazil and just loves to canoodle with his family that consists of a chubby hamster and eight birds. You can see him posing alongside his 'siblings' as well as taking a nap, because we all know the brazillian tropic weather can be exhausting! Ugh, as if we needed any more reasons to love dogs! 


Follow Bob and all of his adventures on instagram @Bob_GoldenRetriever 




images via @Bob_GoldenRetriever 

Here come the minions...

In honor of the Minions movie hitting theaters today, we thought these minions were just too adorable to not share! 

Check out Crusoe the celebrity dachshund on Youtube.

Miami Dogs (ft. The Bark4Green Dogs)

 About a two years ago we met up with Keith from Dogs in Cars, we tossed around the idea of him doing Dogs In Cars Miami, so after our meeting we took our pups to the park and Keith was awesome enough to shoot a short video of them.

This past November, Keith came down to Miami and we rounded up some of our Miami pups! We are happy to say that Dogs in Cars Miami was a success and it will debut on one week from tomorrow, January 13, 2015 at 11am PST.

In the meantime, check this amazing video of our Bark4Green Dogs made by Keith Hopkin...



Miami Dogs (ft. The Bark4Green Dogs) from keith on Vimeo


Check your TV Listings...

If you thought sharing the TV remote control with your significant other, was enough-well think again because it looks like you might be sharing it with another member of the house, and yes we are talking about your four-legged companion! On August 1, DOGTV will be launching nationwide on Direct TV! That's right for a steal of a deal of $4.99/month fido will be able to tap into HIS own doggy entertainment channel. Now don't break out fido's Thundershirt because you may not be a subscriber to DirectTV, you can select a monthly bundle online! You can choose from a monthly service to a 12 month subscription package. DOGTV is said to help stimulate, entertain, relax & habituate your pup with a variety of shows. The visual content has been modified to be compatible with a dogs eyesight, since dogs are colorblind, "they can only see blue & yellow, they can't see red & green like humans do" says, DOGTV's CEO Gilad Nuemann, that is why DOGTV accentuates certain colors with their programming so fido can actually see what's on the screen.

We all know that nowadays we are constantly on the go and sometimes poor fido is left at home all alone with nothing to do, so why not leave him on the couch watching his channel? Well, there are mixed feelings about this, because with the growing epidemic of obesity with people and also dogs, its giving dog owners and their dogs another reason to stay home and be a couch potato.  We all know the importance of healthy living and fitness and what a major importance it is to stay active. From our take we think DOGTV is a cool, fun  go-to if you are leaving your pup to go to the grocery store or can't take him along for whatever reason, because them watching DOGTV in the comfort of their home is a WAY BETTER solution than to leave them in a car for a long period of time, which is a no, no- but once your home with him you should definitely turn off the tube and go for a long walk to stretch your legs and keep the WHOLE family active! 


Benji's fave toy

Benji (our whippet/jack/lab mix) has been inseparable from his West Paw Design Eco Bone! We can't complain either- this awesome toy is made by one of our favorite dog companies West Paw Design :) The stuffing inside is made from recycled Intelliloft, which is recycled fibers made from plastic bottles! Ck out the chart below to see the process! Benji is an avid Chewer & most (90%) of all his toys are UNSTUFFED- b/c he likes to take out ALL the stuffing-LoL! Below he's showing off his pearly whites while playing w/ his Eco Bone.

IntelliLoft - recycled plastic bottles that are now cat and dog toys and beds