Meet Bo

20 February 2012

Meet Bo

In honor of President's Day we wanted to give you a quick bio on Bo, the 1st Dog :) 

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"Do u have a dog treat?"

Check out this funny video made by our friends at West Paw Design....

"Here WeeGo"

What a Super Bowl game last night! We are so thrilled the NYGiants WON! From the game to the commercials & the amazing half time show by the one and only Madonna. We were looking forward to the commercials & of course the pups took over on most of the ads. Hands down our fave is the Bud Light - "Here WeeGo" Rescue Dog commercial check it out...


For every 'like' Weego receives on FB, Bud Light will donate $1 (up to $250,000) to Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation


Click here to check out all the Super Bowl Commercials in case you missed them!




Go Big Blue!

We're counting down 4 the big game on Sunday! Check out our B4G employees showing their team spirit...who r u rootin' for?!

VW Part II

For those of u that saw the 1st video to the VW Super Bowl commercial here is the extended version...Enjoy!

R.I.P Uncle Chichi...

Uncle ChiChi, a 10lb toy poodle passed away last Tuesday at the age of 26* (not known if he was b/w 24-26 years old) after battling cancer for a year. Chichi was known to be the world's oldest dog, but unfortunately due to lack of proof of age his owners weren't able to place him the the Guinness World Records in 2010 :( ChiChi lived a great happy life, traveled to Croatia (to attend his owners wedding in 2010), Itlay & Slovenia. He called the streets of NYC's West Village home. Although ChiChi suffered from cataracts & becoming deaf-that didn't stop the little guy from living a happy life with his owners, Frank & Janet.

We have a little ChiChi of our own, & her name is Nina :) She is going to be 17 this year & we can only hope that she lives as long as ChiChi did, 26 years is a long and wonderful puppy life.

RIP Uncle ChiChi.

Uncle Chichi, Possibly the World's Oldest Dog, Dies

Gran-dogs are the new Grand-kids

Grandparents that don't have grandkids are relieving the pressure from their kids by spoiling their grand-dogs & filling that void. The role of the dog is integrated into family lives- there are over 43 million household's w/ dogs- there are more household's w/ dogs than children!

According to Sarah Wilson, a pet behaviorist interviewed in the video, bonding w/ your pup or grand-pup helps your health, b/c the more you bond w/ your dog the more oxytocin is released, oxytocin makes us social & more friendly :)

Heroic Dog saves...


SHE is only 18-months old and has a tendency to drool, but River the red cattle dog has been hailed a hero after saving two kids from an eastern brown snake.

two little girls from a venomous snake that slithered into their backyard. River, the 17 month old puppy rescued her two little sisters from a 70 cm snake the minute she heard Michelle, 7 & Kaylee, 2 scream & she rushed to save them from being bitten by the large reptile. Once the mom of the two girls got to the scene & checked River to see if she was bitten, she didn't see any puncture wounds so she thought everyone was ok. Unfortunately, 12 hours later River showed signs that she was bit :( Luckily, River was taken to the animal hospital & treated right away & is making a full recovery! 

Read article from: Huffington Post

Read: Snake Bites & Dogs for more info. on Poisonous snakes 

Sketchers Super Bowl Ad...

is promoting greyhound racing & we are not happy :/ As read in the attached article from the ASPCA, Sketchers is said to have filmed their Super Bowl ad at an Arizona Greyhound track. The ad features Mr. Quiggly the French Bulldog wearing sketchers sneakers competing against Greyhounds. Sad. Very sad. We recently read about the cruelty to greyhounds and find it astounding as to how someone can keep a helpless dog muzzled and in a cage for up to 20 hours a day & have any "excess" puppies killed. The ASPCA is asking for all animal lovers to "Take Action" & visit ASPCA partner organization GREY2K USA to add  your name to the petition.