Travel Fun w/ our 'Furry Kids'...

Even though we are approaching Fall, we think traveling with your pets could be a year round affair. Not only is the temperature becoming cooler, but we don't have to worry about those pesky bug bites or hot pavement on their sensitive paws (which btw, we like to either use doggy wipes orĀ paw conditioning treatment for dry paws). Fall is the perfect time for a quick weekend getaway & why not bring fido with you? We put together a few of our fave spots to visit & everyday we'll be sharing our top spots along with pet friendly hotels & things to do with your pet. So stay tuned to our posts!

Get Treats Made in the USA -->NOT these...


By now most of us have heard about how the popular chicken jerky treats that are made in China can be dangerous for our dogs. Well it was reported yesterday out of Chicago that the first class-action lawsuit has been filed. It was sad to hear about some of the pets that got sick and how it's believed to be somehow linked to the jerky strips from China. It reminds us about the importance of feeding our pets healthy & nutritious food and treats, and, ones that are made in the USA.

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R.I.P Uncle Chichi...

Uncle ChiChi, a 10lb toy poodle passed away last Tuesday at the age of 26* (not known if he was b/w 24-26 years old) after battling cancer for a year. Chichi was known to be the world's oldest dog, but unfortunately due to lack of proof of age his owners weren't able to place him the the Guinness World Records in 2010 :( ChiChi lived a great happy life, traveled to Croatia (to attend his owners wedding in 2010), Itlay & Slovenia. He called the streets of NYC's West Village home. Although ChiChi suffered from cataracts & becoming deaf-that didn't stop the little guy from living a happy life with his owners, Frank & Janet.

We have a little ChiChi of our own, & her name is Nina :) She is going to be 17 this year & we can only hope that she lives as long as ChiChi did, 26 years is a long and wonderful puppy life.

RIP Uncle ChiChi.

Uncle Chichi, Possibly the World's Oldest Dog, Dies