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By now most of us have heard about how the popular chicken jerky treats that are made in China can be dangerous for our dogs. Well it was reported yesterday out of Chicago that the first class-action lawsuit has been filed. It was sad to hear about some of the pets that got sick and how it's believed to be somehow linked to the jerky strips from China. It reminds us about the importance of feeding our pets healthy & nutritious food and treats, and, ones that are made in the USA.

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Benji's fave toy

Benji (our whippet/jack/lab mix) has been inseparable from his West Paw Design Eco Bone! We can't complain either- this awesome toy is made by one of our favorite dog companies West Paw Design :) The stuffing inside is made from recycled Intelliloft, which is recycled fibers made from plastic bottles! Ck out the chart below to see the process! Benji is an avid Chewer & most (90%) of all his toys are UNSTUFFED- b/c he likes to take out ALL the stuffing-LoL! Below he's showing off his pearly whites while playing w/ his Eco Bone.

IntelliLoft - recycled plastic bottles that are now cat and dog toys and beds

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Tanning Lakeside

It's Summer! We've been taking Rocky out for his walks about2-3x/day and by the 3rd walk he is pooped! So he just lays back & enjoys the view! Luckily we don't have to worry about fleas OR ticks b/c all three of our pups are rocking' their Shoo! Tags. As u can see below the tags are small &  just hang on his collar w/ his charms ;) What a handsome stud if I do say so myself!

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Product Spotlight

20 April 2011

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Product Spotlight

Its that time of year again...Summer! Well living here in Miami-it's been summer-lol! Our pups go out 4 their walks in the AM & come back pooped out & HOT! They just want to lay out on the cold tile floor and relax!

We love all our products and they are ALL good 4 ur pet & our Planet but we do have our faves & one of them is "Smart Pup". This product was introduced 2 us at the Global Pet Expo last year & we have had a great response w/ it! Dogs loooooove this stuff! It comes in a small plastic container as shown in the picture above and its like a Peanut Butter pudding. Now u may ask y would i give my dog pudding on a hot summer day? Well we personally looooove splitting them up and putting about a Tsp. into a silicon muffin tray and freezing them! Our Pups can not get enough of them-they come in from outside and go straight 2 the freezer door-sit and look up at us, like saying "Ok take it out we know its in there!" The best part is that each flavor has beneficial ingredients to help your dogs diet!


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Smart Pup: Digestive Health:

Smart Pup: Hip & Joint:

Smart Pup: Skin & Coat:


Terrabones are better!

Recently we've been asked a lot about how the leading green dental bone compares to the dental bones we sell at Bark4Green. Knowing the ingredients in the products you give your pet is very important, and understanding how easily they are digested can be equally important to your pets health. The Terrabone's that we sell are made with all natural and organic ingredients that can be easily digested. Some green bone's out there contain gelatin, a animal by-product. YUCK!

Here's a picture provided by Terrabone that shows what happens when a green bone and a Terrabone sits in nothing but water for a 36 hour period. The Terrabone is broken down whereas the green bone looks disgusting and about to explode! The green bone actually absorbed water like a sponge. YUCK again!

Check out our bonez section for some healthier options for your Doggy!

Papaya Chews, A Great Alternative To Rawhide

These all natural treats are 100% Papaya fruit and are absolutely delicious! You will truly enjoy sharing them with your best friend. Rawhides are not the healthiest chew treat for your pup. The next time you are going to buy a rawhide for your pup try these papaya chews instead and you will never go back. Your pup will loooooove you for it! And we guarantee you will love eating them too! You can find these treats along with other natural treats that are good for your dogs health in our "treats with a purpose" section. Papaya has been proven to support a healthy immune system!

Natural & Organic Treats for Dogs

When shopping at Bark4Green don't forget to check out our Natural & Organic Munchies section for some delicious treats for your pup! We carry a large variety of treats that are made of either all natural or organic ingredients that taste grrrrrrreat!

Check out the Bamboo Chuck!

02 September 2010

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Check out the Bamboo Chuck!

Check out our newest toy! You can find it in our Ruff N' Tuff section. This toy is perfect for you and your dog that loves to play fetch! The design is so you can throw the ball far with little effort so you can give your pup plenty of exercise. The chuck is made from sustainable bamboo and reused cork straps. The ball is recycled rubber.