Golden Dogs



In honor of November being Adopt-A-Senior-Pet-Month, we wanted o share with you these Golden Girls er, we mean Golden Dogs... oh, and please help spread the word on the importance of adopting senior pets. For more info visit

Video stars: Peach (age9), Cacao (age 8)

Tahini (age 5, available for adoption)

Boo Boo (age 5, available for adoption)

Our Pretty Girl, Nina

It’s been a little more than a week now & we apologize to all our fans & customers for staying off the radar. We have lost our beloved pretty girl Nina. As you can imagine we are in total & utter heartbreak but are very thankful for the 17 AMAZING years we had with her. Although she’s not physically w/ us anymore, her memory & inspiration will continue to be a part of our lives and Bark4Green.

November is Adopt a 'Senior Pet Month'

In honor of this special month of November (Adopt a Senior Pet Month) we came across these beautiful photographs by New York-based dog photographer Garry Gross, who formerly worked in the fashion and beauty world. Gross studied with the Animal Behavior Center of New York and became a certified dog trainer in 2002, using that training to begin working with dogs and creating Fine Art style portraits. His last project was a series of large scale portraits of senior dogs and he actively supported charities that benefited rescue dogs and senior dogs. Sadly, Gary passed away in 2010. His Senior Dog Portrait collection is heartbreakingly beautifully, it’s amazing how expressive their faces become as they age. We can definitely agree that the unconditional love that a senior dog has is like no other. We are so blessed to have a senior dog of our own, Nina our 17 y.o Bichon <3

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Images via. Gary Gross, Senior Dog Portrait Collection