Kumbali & Kago

06 October 2015

Kumbali & Kago


Who said cats and dogs don't get along? Meet Kumbali the cheetah and his pal Kago, a yellow lab-mix. When Kumbali became separated from his mother, he was adopted by Metro Richmond Zoo in Virginia and introduced to one another and now they have an adorable bond, see for yourself :)




Kate the Dog & Pippin the deer....

Meet Kate the great dane and her pal Pippin the deer. These two gal pals met when Pippin was just a tiny little fawn. These two had become the best of friends, so much so that Pippin was free to roam in and out of Kate's yard. Pippin would always came back for a little play sesh and some cuddle time. Sadly Kate passed away last May at the age of 12, but looks like Kate had an amazing life and we are so grateful to her family for sharing such sweet moments. 

A tiny Chihuahua and her bubbles...

Our pups LOVE bubbles, so when we came across this video of Audrey the chihuahua chasing bubbles in slow motion, we just had to share! This tiny little lady is seen dashing through the floor chasing (what looks like to her) giant bubbles. 

Here come the minions...

In honor of the Minions movie hitting theaters today, we thought these minions were just too adorable to not share! 

Check out Crusoe the celebrity dachshund on Youtube.

Table Tennis Dog

08 July 2015

Table Tennis Dog

Who doesn't love a good round of table tennis? Well, this pup is one avid player that I wouldn't dare be his opponent in a match! This pup has some serious skills, check him out...



Tongue Out Tuesday...

Checkout these two love bugs...


I'm gonna getcha'...

This 10 week old puppy is definitely a curious little one! 


Grab a tissue...

17 June 2015

Tags: dogs, love, youtube

Grab a tissue...

Every pet owner knows that special bond. The bond where your pet doesn't have to speak to you, but you already know what they may need or want and vice versa. Your pet knows you, and loves you. Whether you are an organ donor or not, this 90 second short film will make you want to grab a tissue and kiss your fur-babies.


Has this ever happened to you?

Kids say and do what (most) adults can't! This toddler is not having the best day when he stepped on something...somebody give the kid a paper towel! BOL!

Tube Tuesday with Disney's Feast

Meet Winston, the adorable little french bull dog stealing hearts in Disney's 6 minute short film 'Feast' that was previewed before Big Hero 6 in theaters back in November. 'Feast' features little Winston with quite an appetite savoring every little bite that comes his way. This sweet animated film was awarded the Annie Award as well as an Oscar for best animated short film this year.

Take six minutes to put a smile on your face and watch it on Youtube on HD for $2.99

Below is a behind the scenes look at how 'Feast' came together, and let's just say they sure did their research ;) 


                                                     Picture's via Disney Animation

Feast is now available on Amazon for $2.99