Table Tennis Dog

08 July 2015

Table Tennis Dog

Who doesn't love a good round of table tennis? Well, this pup is one avid player that I wouldn't dare be his opponent in a match! This pup has some serious skills, check him out...



Best pet selfies...

05 July 2015

Best pet selfies...

We all know that this whole selfie thing is not going away anytime soon, and while we think animals are way better at doing this, we won't judge you ;) Here are a few of our favorite dog selfies that are just so cute that we are totally onboard of their selfie game... Happy #SelfieSunday :D Don't forget to follow and take us @Bark4green on Instagram



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Happy Birthday America!

We would like to wish you all a Happy Independence Day! We all know our pets are part of our family, therefore we have to keep them safe on special holidays like today! We all like to see a good firework show with some good food & drinks alongside our friends & family, but lets not forget that while we might be having a good time, our four-legged companions might think the end of the world is upon us! So let's remember to give 'em some extra belly rubs and toss 'em some treats, to ease their tension.

We put together a few recommendations to keep your furkids safe and happy this 4th of July! 


Tongue Out Tuesday...

Checkout these two love bugs...


I'm gonna getcha'...

This 10 week old puppy is definitely a curious little one! 


Watch them grow in 2 minutes....

Meet Colby and Blue, golden retriever pups that were filmed running to their food over the course of nine months, from 11 weeks to 11 months. 

Follow them on their adventures on instagram @CheesePups


Happy Father's Day!

21 June 2015

Grab a tissue...

17 June 2015

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Grab a tissue...

Every pet owner knows that special bond. The bond where your pet doesn't have to speak to you, but you already know what they may need or want and vice versa. Your pet knows you, and loves you. Whether you are an organ donor or not, this 90 second short film will make you want to grab a tissue and kiss your fur-babies.


Has this ever happened to you?

Kids say and do what (most) adults can't! This toddler is not having the best day when he stepped on something...somebody give the kid a paper towel! BOL!

Please help Piper...

Piper was hit by a car and spent two days in the ER. As pet owners our hearts break when something like this happens because our pets are part of our family and we know the vet costs pile up and it can get out of our control. So PLEASE, read Piper's story and help out if you can. Every little bit helps. 

The family has started a fundraiser to raise money to help pay for the medical bills and if they raise more than the goal, all remaining proceeds will go to Helping Hounds Dog Rescue where she came from.

For the full story of what happened CLICK HERE. Say a prayer for her as she has a few weeks of recovery ahead.

Please share the story and encourage anyone to donate, every dollar will help.