Bark4Green Sofa


Picture night at your place, everyone has a seat and is ready to watch the movie, you look to your right and there's fido giving you 'the' face. The 'where am I going to sit puppy dog face'. Well that's why we made the perfect pet sofa bed for your loyal four legged companion who is also part of the family and wants to be a part of movie nights! Now that you've dedicated a special place in the house to your pets sofa bed you'll see them routinely go and enjoy their luxury sofa'.

Perfect to snuggle in, our Bark4Green sofa has 4 pieces - 2 side pillows, 1 bed pillow and a 3 sided, padded bolster sofa that are all made with love and premium quality materials. The microfiber sofa has a removable lining for easy care and the pillows are covered in luxurious, ultra-soft, shaggy faux fur. The pillows are perfect for 'On The Go' moments ensuring fido is comfortable with a piece of home on any road trip.

• Handmade in the USA.

• Machine washable cover.

• Luxurious style.

• Ultimate comfort.

• Measures 40" x 26" x 14"


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