03 February 2014


Happy #MuttMonday! We love mixed breeds, so much so we have 2 of our own! Do you have a mixed breed? If so, share a picture with us here. If not, check out these adorable pups...

Meet Bailey the Chiweenie (Chihuahua+Dachshund): 


Meet Carly the Golden Cocker Retriever:

Doxie-Chon Bichon Frise+Dachshund:

Meet the YorkiPoo


Meet the Cheagle:


Meet the Schnoodle, Schnauzer+Poodle:


What do you get when a Pug & Beagle meet? A Puggle...


Meet the Bo-Jack


Bailey the Cock-A-Chon (Bichon Frise+Cocker Spaniel):

Siberian Retriever- Siberian Husky+Labrador Retriever


These are just 10 of thousands of mixed breeds available for adoption, if you are interested in a mixed breed, please visit your local shelter or find a rescue organization through