Dogs in Cars

21 January 2014

Dogs in Cars

We sure love our 'On The Go' Dogs, whether they are going on a walk, hike, or any outing, we love to see dogs 'On The Go'! We all know how much our pups- well with the exception of a few that think every time they get in the car they have a fear that they may be heading to the vets, or worse car sick! Well, for the most part most dogs get excited the minute they realize they are going for a car ride, they just love to stick their heads out the window and feel that breeze on their furry little faces. Photographer, Lara Jo Regan takes some amazing shots of her canine models as their ears are flapping in the wind. Regan's series "Dogs in Cars" captures the pure joy on a dogs face as they tag along for a simple car ride! These beautiful photographs are in Regan's  2014 calendar, as well as a book she is set to release in the spring. (We can't wait!)

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We have some pretty cool pics of our dogs cruisin' around town (see below)