Pet Expo 3.2011

07 April 2011

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Pet Expo 3.2011

Hey Guys! So happy 2 finally b back & able 2 blog! We'll definitely be doing more of this more often so make sure 2 ck on our bog on a daily basis & help spread the word!

Lets start w/ our trip to the Global Pet Expo...this year we decided to bring all our dogs w/ us...thats right ALL 3 of our pups! LOL =/ as u can imagine it was a handful but we managed! Below u can c the picture of the 3 pups on the couch of our hotel room...

The pup on the far left is Rocky our Lab mix-Middle: Nina(bichon) & then there is Benji-chiki-man-Major (jack/greyhoud/? Mix) Yup- thats our famous B4G trio! Benji has quite the reputation 4 being the trouble maker (he just turned 1) but the real trouble maker is the the little lady in the middle-Nina! She was the "special" one on this trip! Albeit we know she is going 2 b 16 y/o in a couple of months so she sure knows how 2 press our buttons- she did not want to stay in the room AT ALL! We had to put her in a dog carrier & take her everywhere while the 2 boys stayed in the hotel room with their bones! (btw: the bone we left them w/ was Merrick Natural bones-they absolutely loooove them!)

While at the Expo we came across some really cool products! We loooved Dura Doggie products-our fave is the Beba bone & the Nebo ball! Besides the bright fun colors & durability- 20% of profits goes to a charity-depending on the color: Pink:Breast Cancer/Blue:Animals/Green:The Planet/Orange: Diabetes. The Dura Doggie reps were nice enough to give us a Free Nebo ball for our Benji! Lets just say he can't put it down!

After the Expo we took the pups to Dr.Phillips Dog Park @ 8249 Buenavista Woods Blvd in Orlando & they loved it! Below are some pics...