Help the Seals!!!

13 April 2011

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Help the Seals!!!


This just breaks our hearts =( Please do your part & help these beautiful animals survive! We can not believe that people can actually do such harm to living beings such as baby seals...please read below & make a donation!

The clubbing and shooting of baby seals started Monday morning off Newfoundland. Blood now covers the ice -- and seals are dying horribly. Undeterred by seal pups drowning in their melting habitat, the Canadian government sanctioned the killing of 468,200 seals this year -- an increase of 80,000 from 2010.

Luckily the HS is working around the clock to shut down the commercial sealing industry. Their Canadian seafood boycott has grown worldwide, and they're closing markets for seal fur.Your gift will be used exclusively in the HUMANE SOCIETY'S campaign to protect seals.

Please help today. CLICK HERE-->