Heroic Dog saves...

19 January 2012

Heroic Dog saves...


SHE is only 18-months old and has a tendency to drool, but River the red cattle dog has been hailed a hero after saving two kids from an eastern brown snake.

two little girls from a venomous snake that slithered into their backyard. River, the 17 month old puppy rescued her two little sisters from a 70 cm snake the minute she heard Michelle, 7 & Kaylee, 2 scream & she rushed to save them from being bitten by the large reptile. Once the mom of the two girls got to the scene & checked River to see if she was bitten, she didn't see any puncture wounds so she thought everyone was ok. Unfortunately, 12 hours later River showed signs that she was bit :( Luckily, River was taken to the animal hospital & treated right away & is making a full recovery! 

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