Product Spotlight

20 April 2011

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Product Spotlight

Its that time of year again...Summer! Well living here in Miami-it's been summer-lol! Our pups go out 4 their walks in the AM & come back pooped out & HOT! They just want to lay out on the cold tile floor and relax!

We love all our products and they are ALL good 4 ur pet & our Planet but we do have our faves & one of them is "Smart Pup". This product was introduced 2 us at the Global Pet Expo last year & we have had a great response w/ it! Dogs loooooove this stuff! It comes in a small plastic container as shown in the picture above and its like a Peanut Butter pudding. Now u may ask y would i give my dog pudding on a hot summer day? Well we personally looooove splitting them up and putting about a Tsp. into a silicon muffin tray and freezing them! Our Pups can not get enough of them-they come in from outside and go straight 2 the freezer door-sit and look up at us, like saying "Ok take it out we know its in there!" The best part is that each flavor has beneficial ingredients to help your dogs diet!


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