Halloween on the Mile...

Halloween was a success this year! There were so many local events to choose from, we decided to spotlight Halloween on the Mile in Coral Gables, Florida. The event was held at the Coral Gables Museum, and there was quite the turn out, over 40 dogs registered for the pet costume contest and they did not disappoint! There was everything from tiny clowns to superhero's, and they were all very well behaved pooches too :) All the pictures taken at the event is  on FlickR page (CLICK HERE- to be redirected) We did our best to capture all the pups so if you see your fur-baby and would like a digital image, please contact us and we would be more than happy to email you a digital full size image. 

 Here is a sneak peak of the event...

Howl-o-ween: Dog Friendly Events in Miami

Howl-o-ween at Pinecrest Gardens

Now, we have been to this event in the past and it is great because you get to bring the WHOLE family to this fun howl-o-ween event! From costume contests to doggie agility courses, its got everything! It will take place on Sunday, October 25th, 12-5pm. At Pinecrest Gardens, 11000 Red Road, Pinecrest, Florida 33156; Admission is $5 which goes towards a great cause, a local shelter organization Paws 4 You rescue. (Pics below were taken at last years Howl-o-ween event)

Howl-o-ween at Fairchild

We love Fairchild Gardens, its absolutely beautiful and the added benefit to this event is you get to bring your pups! Local vendors will be there as well as a costume contest. Events are free to members or its a $25 fee (which can go towards your membership which we think is so worth it!)  It will take place on Friday, October 30th, 9:30am-4:30pm. At Fairchild, 10901 Old Cutler Road Road, Coral Gables, Florida 33156; (Our pups- pictured above, were feeling the hippie love at Fairchild!)  If you plan on attending this event Please bring this form with you.

Halloween on the Mile

Celebrating its 18th annual event, Halloween on the Mile is the perfect place to bring fido all dressed up to stroll the streets of downtown Gables! This fun, family event will take place on Saturday, October 31st, starting at 2pm. FREE. 



Happy National Dog Day!

Today is a very special holiday, its "National Dog Day!" 
National Dog Day was started in 2004 to recognize and encourage adoption for shelter pets. If you're looking for a companion of your own look into to find a shelter near you.
We love this quote and thought it was perfect, being National Dog day in all,
'No Matter how little money or how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.'
We couldn't agree more! So from our pups to yours "Happy National Dog Day!"
Check out the video (below) we thought was a perfect match for Bark4Green and a holiday like today! In the video appropriately titled, 'Wind in my ears' a dog named Odin and his friends are enjoying a simple car ride, but the smile on their faces and the scenery+the music is just pawsome! Yea for #OnTheGoDogs! Enjoy ;) 
Submit a photo or tweet us @Bark4Green with your plans to celebrate this joyous occasion!

Go Big Blue!

We're counting down 4 the big game on Sunday! Check out our B4G employees showing their team spirit...who r u rootin' for?!

Best Dressed at the GG's...


And the best Dressed at the Golden Globes was...Uggie the Jack Russell Terrier! Like most of you we had our viewing party of the Golden Globes, we had so many of our faves win big Sunday night-including Uggie the dog from the movie the Artist. Not only did Uggie and his cast win for Best Picture- but he looked very dapper with his bow-tie when he walked the red carpet & showed off his star-quality! Uggie has a rags to riches story sadly he was rejected by his first two owners as being too wild, he was about to be sent to a dog pound, but was adopted by animal trainer Omar Von Muller after his friends told him about the dog. Initially Von Muller only intended to foster Uggie but later decided to keep him!

Next up for Uggie is the Oscars-Good Luck Uggie :)

Below is a clip of Uggie in the amazing movie "The Artist"

Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Less ________________, Adopt Me Because I Need You.

There are so many adoptable pets in need of a good home, we all know that, but what's worse is that there are pets that face dismal odds of being adopted due to age or certain physical conditions such as blindness. Luckily is running "adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet-Week" September 17-25, that aims to take this unfortunate discrimination against less-adoptable pets with their theme, "Don't hate me because I'm less_______, adopt me because I need you." The goal of this is to help adoption organizations draw attention to this heartbreaking problem & highlight some of these wonderful but overlooked pets. Check out some of the pets in need here. There are so many pets that simply need to be given a chance,& unfortunately most people turn the other cheek & BUY  a puppy from a pet store (probably bred at a puppy mill). So if you may know someone that has the heart & home for an adoptable animal, please share this with them & help us spread the word!




Madonna of the Mills

19 August 2011

Madonna of the Mills

“Madonna of the Mills” is a documentary about Laura, an office manager from Staten Island, who stumbled on this secret four years ago and vowed to save as many of these breeding dogs as she possibly could. Laura has now rescued over 2,000 dogs from Amish and Mennonite farmers in Pennsylvania. She is only allowed to take the dogs who are considered "useless" when they can no longer give birth to puppies. Very sad. We hope word spreads on the importance of this documentary. Will YOU tune in?

Date: Wednesday August 24, 2011

Time: @8:00pm on HBO2

Click here for more info. on Madonna of the Mills


Take your Dog 2-Work-Day

Friday is Take-your-dog-to-work-day! Are u planning on bringing Fido 2 work? If so, don't forget to take a pic & send it to B4G we'd looove to see! We will be taking some pix of our pups...& we'll post them on the blog ;)