Check your TV Listings...

If you thought sharing the TV remote control with your significant other, was enough-well think again because it looks like you might be sharing it with another member of the house, and yes we are talking about your four-legged companion! On August 1, DOGTV will be launching nationwide on Direct TV! That's right for a steal of a deal of $4.99/month fido will be able to tap into HIS own doggy entertainment channel. Now don't break out fido's Thundershirt because you may not be a subscriber to DirectTV, you can select a monthly bundle online! You can choose from a monthly service to a 12 month subscription package. DOGTV is said to help stimulate, entertain, relax & habituate your pup with a variety of shows. The visual content has been modified to be compatible with a dogs eyesight, since dogs are colorblind, "they can only see blue & yellow, they can't see red & green like humans do" says, DOGTV's CEO Gilad Nuemann, that is why DOGTV accentuates certain colors with their programming so fido can actually see what's on the screen.

We all know that nowadays we are constantly on the go and sometimes poor fido is left at home all alone with nothing to do, so why not leave him on the couch watching his channel? Well, there are mixed feelings about this, because with the growing epidemic of obesity with people and also dogs, its giving dog owners and their dogs another reason to stay home and be a couch potato.  We all know the importance of healthy living and fitness and what a major importance it is to stay active. From our take we think DOGTV is a cool, fun  go-to if you are leaving your pup to go to the grocery store or can't take him along for whatever reason, because them watching DOGTV in the comfort of their home is a WAY BETTER solution than to leave them in a car for a long period of time, which is a no, no- but once your home with him you should definitely turn off the tube and go for a long walk to stretch your legs and keep the WHOLE family active! 


Christmas finds 4 the Dog Lover

Hey dog lovers, we put together a small list of our favorite Christmas finds, we've got suff ranging from yummy chocolate to a wine stopper! Check back next week as we'll add more to our list including some great stocking stuffer ideas ;)

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1. Jonathan Adler Dachshund Wine Stopper

2. Dog Breed Umbrella by SanFrancisco Umbrella Co.

3. ASPCA-Anti-Puppy Mills Jumbo Canvas Tote

4. Make your own pillow by Pillow Mob

5. Rescue Chocolate

6. Lamp Dog Iphone case

7. Sniff Pet Candle

8. Ceramic Dog Mug

9.  John Barlett Belt

10. Touch Screen  Gloves

Sunshine State: FL


Thinking about hitting South Florida? Well its the perfect time of year to do so! Check out some of our favorite Florida getaways:

1. Miami, FL: Lowes Hotel- Woofie Weekends at Lowes Its a paw-some time of year to hit up SoBe, weather you want to have brunch al fresco on Lincoln Road with fido or enjoy a quiet day at the Park, make sure you bring some water and a frisbee or toy!

2. Key West, FL:

The Chelsea House: The guest rooms at this gorgeous historic inn range is just two blocks for the famous Duval Street. They don't have a pet wight limit but they do have a $25 pet fee pet night for each pet. Make sure you call in advance to reserve your room because they have particular rooms that allow pets.

The Reach A Waldorf Astoria Resort: Escape to the beach or explore Old Town & Duval Street. Its a beautiful resort right on the white sandy beach. They do have a pet policy so make sure you read up on that before booking your room. This was one of the few hotels we found that does not have a weight policy (which usually is 25 lbs or less) which really stinks, because where are we suppose to leave our big dogs? When we travel we take all 3 of our pups so its really important that we find a great hotel in a great location that doesn't have a weight limit.


Travel Fun w/ our 'Furry Kids'...

Even though we are approaching Fall, we think traveling with your pets could be a year round affair. Not only is the temperature becoming cooler, but we don't have to worry about those pesky bug bites or hot pavement on their sensitive paws (which btw, we like to either use doggy wipes or paw conditioning treatment for dry paws). Fall is the perfect time for a quick weekend getaway & why not bring fido with you? We put together a few of our fave spots to visit & everyday we'll be sharing our top spots along with pet friendly hotels & things to do with your pet. So stay tuned to our posts!

Get Treats Made in the USA -->NOT these...


By now most of us have heard about how the popular chicken jerky treats that are made in China can be dangerous for our dogs. Well it was reported yesterday out of Chicago that the first class-action lawsuit has been filed. It was sad to hear about some of the pets that got sick and how it's believed to be somehow linked to the jerky strips from China. It reminds us about the importance of feeding our pets healthy & nutritious food and treats, and, ones that are made in the USA.

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Meet Bo

20 February 2012

Meet Bo

In honor of President's Day we wanted to give you a quick bio on Bo, the 1st Dog :) 

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Sketchers Super Bowl Ad...

is promoting greyhound racing & we are not happy :/ As read in the attached article from the ASPCA, Sketchers is said to have filmed their Super Bowl ad at an Arizona Greyhound track. The ad features Mr. Quiggly the French Bulldog wearing sketchers sneakers competing against Greyhounds. Sad. Very sad. We recently read about the cruelty to greyhounds and find it astounding as to how someone can keep a helpless dog muzzled and in a cage for up to 20 hours a day & have any "excess" puppies killed. The ASPCA is asking for all animal lovers to "Take Action" & visit ASPCA partner organization GREY2K USA to add  your name to the petition.



Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Less ________________, Adopt Me Because I Need You.

There are so many adoptable pets in need of a good home, we all know that, but what's worse is that there are pets that face dismal odds of being adopted due to age or certain physical conditions such as blindness. Luckily is running "adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet-Week" September 17-25, that aims to take this unfortunate discrimination against less-adoptable pets with their theme, "Don't hate me because I'm less_______, adopt me because I need you." The goal of this is to help adoption organizations draw attention to this heartbreaking problem & highlight some of these wonderful but overlooked pets. Check out some of the pets in need here. There are so many pets that simply need to be given a chance,& unfortunately most people turn the other cheek & BUY  a puppy from a pet store (probably bred at a puppy mill). So if you may know someone that has the heart & home for an adoptable animal, please share this with them & help us spread the word!




Madonna of the Mills

19 August 2011

Madonna of the Mills

“Madonna of the Mills” is a documentary about Laura, an office manager from Staten Island, who stumbled on this secret four years ago and vowed to save as many of these breeding dogs as she possibly could. Laura has now rescued over 2,000 dogs from Amish and Mennonite farmers in Pennsylvania. She is only allowed to take the dogs who are considered "useless" when they can no longer give birth to puppies. Very sad. We hope word spreads on the importance of this documentary. Will YOU tune in?

Date: Wednesday August 24, 2011

Time: @8:00pm on HBO2

Click here for more info. on Madonna of the Mills